Digital Media Program Archive

About DMPA

Humanities-based undergraduate programs in the U.S. offering digital media design coursework abound. It is possible, for example, to get a degree in art and technology studies, computer animation, conceptual media arts, design interactions, digital arts, digital media arts, digital storytelling, electronic music and multimedia, interactive multimedia, media art histories, media architecture, media creations, new media, sound in new media, technoculture studies, transmedia, and visual communication design. However, much of the scholarship on digital pedagogy bases its findings on individual courses, programs, and/or anecdotal evidence.

To give researchers access to information on multiple programs, the Digital Media Program Archive (DMPA) has begun collecting programs links and tagging each of these links with key terms culled from program descriptions, tags which then feed into a tag cloud.

DMPA, therefore, hopes to serve as a research tool for those exploring practices and definitions of digital pedagogy and digital media design in humanities-based digital media design undergraduate programs.

DMPA invites archive visitors to suggest programs, tags, and/or citations that aren’t currently listed. To do so, simply email oriana[dot]gatta[at]gmail[dot]com.

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